Real Estate Litigation Attorney in San Diego, California

When it comes to real estate law and litigation, you can't underestimate the value of an experienced attorney that understands real estate transactions and the local laws that pertain to your situation.

Whether you need an attorney to review the implications of an easement or survey affecting your property, or you're involved in an encroachment issue where someone has trespassed or is attempting to develop on your property, I can thoroughly investigate the details of your case and outline a strategy for handling the dispute, or even litigate the issue in court if necessary.

When you work with the Law Office of David J. Hollander in San Diego, California, you can rest easy knowing your case is in good hands. I understand that you may not completely understand all of the details of your situation, so I will make it a point to walk through your case with you and help you understand all of the options available to you. While I do have experience helping clients with a wide variety of boundary disputes and real estate legal issues, the most common areas I have assisted clients with include:

  • Property line adjustments
  • Easement disputes
  • Trespassing cases
  • Survey reviews
  • License agreements
  • Boundary dispute litigation
  • Commercial unlawful detainer
  • Failure to disclose defects
  • Quiet title actions

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Which side do you represent in real estate disclosure disputes?

I have experience working with both sides when it comes to real estate disclosure disputes. Over the years I've represented buyers, sellers, developers, owners, real estate agents and brokers, and property managers. When anyone is looking to buy an existing home or commercial property, the seller and his or her agents are required by law to disclose any known defects on the property.

If there is any failure to disclose any defects, the buyer can file a lawsuit for the damages caused by the unreported defects. Whether you're a seller in need of defense against a failure to disclose claim, or you're a buyer wanting to file suit against a seller or agent, I can help you work through your case and resolve the dispute -- even if it requires going to trial.

How can you help with commercial unlawful detainer issues?

I’ve helped countless clients on both the tenant and landlord side of commercial unlawful detainer disputes. If you're on the landlord side, my clients have included property owners, landlords, property managers, financial institutions, business entities, and individual clients. I can assist in a variety of matters including negotiating a voluntary abandonment of the premises or, if necessary, filing a lawsuit to get an order to have a sheriff remove a tenant who refuses to vacate the property.

I can also help my clients follow up with litigation to collect any unpaid rent or compensation owed for property damage caused by the tenant. If you're on the tenant side of the equation, I can provide guidance and strategies for renegotiating leases, or completely terminating lease relationships while protecting your best interests.

No matter which side of the equation you're on, my knowledge and experience can help ensure that your interests are protected and your needs are taken care of. If you are looking for an experienced real estate attorney that can help see you through your difficult situation, contact my office in San Diego, California today and see how I've provided relief for countless other clients in your position.

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When you’re dealing with complex real estate issues, you can’t afford to miss any details. The Law Office of David J. Hollander has been working with clients across the San Diego area on a variety of different legal issues for both private and commercial real estate. If you’re looking for help with an important real estate transaction, call today for your own personal consultation.